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    April 21st, 2009

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    SHAME-wow –– The CEO Super-absorbent Towel

    Shame-wow is the revolutionary super-absorbent sucker towel used by thousands of CEO and top salary executives of the big coporation of our civilized world today. This amazing shameless product has worked its way into the culture of Wall Street and beyond. Do you find monetary crisis all over your company from mismanagement you have previously inflicted, while running your corporation? Have you always want to have the right tools to get you out of this mess? Well, accidents tend to happen all the time, we are human after all. How about companies with tons of angry shareholders, shouting at your door? Nowadays you’re almost bound to find discontent oozing from all levels, all around you. Further, your marvelous re-structuring plans don’t help either.

    Cleaning up can become a drag, especially when you don’t have the right equipment. May be it is time to retreat. Today it’s your lucky day, you have this great Shame-wow tool (bonuses by any other name) at your disposal. Very few products have this special offer for getting you this win-win formula. If your company prospered, good, you get all the credit, plus a big fat bonus, but if you are forced to quit, or even fired, you will still get a big fat bonus. That’s why you need this new Shame-wow monetary Absorbent Tool of greed, no matter what situation your company got into. This new product was designed to make cleaning up with monetary drainage (into your pocket) much more efficient for you to do and is priced right when you are planning for a quick retreat.