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    April 24th, 2009

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    Not a Shirt on My Back

    Washington is in an uproar.

    In the May cover of Washingtonian magazine: Barack Obama is in the buff, with only a swimsuit, but looking darn good.

    So what is the problem? The debate is on the issues of propriety and ethics. Was it disrespectful to display the presidential pecs – alongside a headline calling the chief executive “hot”? And, in a separate journalistic flap, was it wrong to alter the colour of his swimsuit from black (or dark navy) to a bright red?

    For us ordinary citizens, these are the non-issues. Isn’t it true that when Obama took office, he inherited from GWB a whole mess and trillions of deficit, just like the photo symbolizes. He inherited a naked shell, with not a shirt on his back, and definitely in the red. But he is our hero, we are sure he will rise up from the ashes, like the golden phonex, as our saviour, although not born in a manger, but from Krypton (his own words). He is the one, that sent to us, to save us from the world of economic woes.

    About the issue of altering the color of the swimming trunk from black to red, that was GWB’s doing, during his 8 years of reign. Isn’t red the color of the deficit. This redness further symbolizes Obama’s eagerness to buster the recession, as if his pant is on fire.

    Rough time requires drastic measure. Our president needs a new image, a complete makeover. This photo did the right thing and is very appropriate. It represents not actually a sex symbol, but a husky muscular guy, our mighty super-hero, who will part this turbulent water of recession, and lead us out of this red sea of deficit, of financial diasters, in no time. Yes we can.