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    April 27th, 2009

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    Guru said: ‘Change within’ to fix the economy

    new economy

    Dr. Deepak Chopra, the spiritual guru of body-mind medicine is on a speaking tour in Canada recently. He commented on the recession in an interview in Halifax.

    “In these troubled times, prosperity won’t be found in bailout plans or economic stimulus packages, it will be found in a much more personal commitment to building a better world.”

    “There will be a new economy,” according to the guru, “but the old one has to die first.”

    “We spent money we did not have on things we did not need to impress people who did not matter,” he says.

    Bailout plans, he says, aim to revive that old economy, and that’s a mistake. Better to focus our spending and production on things that society really needs. Deciding what that is, begins with some personal reflection on what matters most to us, and dropping whatever we don’t need or whatever we buy simply to impress – or keep up with – others.

    “We have to change within to change the world outside,” says Chopra. “The world mirrors what is in us.”

    Chopra says he would like see money directed away from defence and armaments, pointing out that the United States alone has the ability to destroy the world several times over.

    “Once is enough,” he deadpans.

    Better, he says, to shift our creative energy away from building new weapons or complicated financial products that few can understand – and that many blame for the current economic downturn – and channel it toward finding new sources of energy and medical breakthroughs.

    The comments mark part of Chopra’s recent shift to be more political in his public statements.

    (Excerpts from an article by Stuart Laidlaw, Toronto Star)