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    April 21st, 2009

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    Mr President went to London

    Mr President, Mr President, where have you been?
    “I’ve been to London to look at the queen.”
    Mr President, Mr President, what did you there?
    Exchange gifts, and a promise here, a photo-op there.”

    This was unbelivable. We have such high hope. Wasn’t it called the London G20 Crisis Summit? We were counting on it, with the cool heads of the world leaders together, they could come up with some solutions for our economic woes, to deliver us from this recession, and saved the world. But no such luck. Before you knew it, it was over. Everybody shook hands, took some photos, said goodbye and left. End of story.

    It was not even the “Come-Out Ball” of Obama. It’s more like a get together “Pot-Luck Dinner” where everybody brought their own dish/agenda, to the table. Obama wanted world-wide economic stimuli, France and Germany said No, the Chinese wanted an international currency standard. So they came and chatted and then went on their own merry way. Nothing ventured, and so nothing done.

    Or was it? Look closely. Obama did accomplish something.

    He single-handedly, tried to revive the tourism of Europe. He did bring over his 500 members strong entrourage for this European trip. Just imagined, 500 consumers, with credit cards in hand, swept through Europe in one short week. Did anyone check the European stock market?

    Obama put the army to new use. This trip strained US Air Force heavy-airlift capabilities and obliged the military to hire more Eastern European transportation contractors to help resupply U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan (talk about job creation). The large delegation traveling with the president in Europe required moving several transports, including jumbo C-5s and C-17s, which usually were ferrying supplies to Afghanistan, but instead were re-assigned to European bases for the presidential visit. The Air Mobility Command, part of the U.S. Transportation Command, was ordered to provide airlift for the president’s entourage of nearly 500 people, including senior officials, staff, support personnel, news reporters and some 200 Secret Service agents. This give us a glimpse of what the army can do in the future, when the troops do come home from Iraq.

    Obama injected new meaning to the word “Protectionism”. Not only a 500 support staff (which includes medical personnel and food specialists) travelled with him, he also brought along his special armor plated limo nicknamed “The Beast” (which costed $300,000, and came with special features such as night vision cameras, tear gas cannon, and oxygen tanks). As a matter of fact, he brought the White House with him, right down to the car he drove, the water he drank, the gasoline he used, the food he ate.

    Dawn of the Obama era has begun.